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Competitive price!!! 135 medium and small marine gearbox

Competitive price!!! 135 medium and small marine gearbox
Product Detailed
135 Marine gearbox supplier marine gearbox power:100~200kw marine gearbox speed:1000~2000rpm Good quality Competitive price

135 marine gearbox

We can provide you the marine gearbox with the power:


We are marine engine and gearbox expert!!!

we can provide you the the marine gearbox ratio from 1:1~ 9:1

Shanghai monarch power engineering limited can provide you the various types of marine gearboxes.

Marine Gearbox Model 135 and Model 135A perform the duties of forward and reverse, engaging and disengaging, reduction, and take propeller thrust. It can couple with various left-hand    rotattmg diesel engines of 66KW/750rmin-1kw/2000rmin-190ps/750rpm-270ps/2000rpmto from the complete power unit for marine purpose.

Nominal ratioActual ratio



    2:1   2.03:1      0.100(0.136)
    2.5:1   2.59:1      0.100(0.136)
    3:1   3.04;1      0.100(0.136)
    3.5:1   3.62:1      0.100(0.136)
    4:1   4.11:1      0.100(0.136)
    4.5:1   4.65:1      0.093(0.126)
    5:1   5.06:1      0.088(0.120)
    5.5:1   5.47:1      0.077(0.105)
    6:1   5.81:1      0.070(0.095)

marine gearbox model list

06 marine gearbox16A marine gearbox26 marine gearboxMA100 marine gearboxMA125 marine gearboxMA142 marine gearbox40A marine gearboxMB170 marine gearbox120B marine gearbox120C marine gearbox135 marine gearboxMB242 marine gearboxHC138 marine gearboxHCD138 marine gearboxHCC200 marine gearboxMB270A marine gearbox300 marine gearboxJ300 marine gearboxD300A marine gearboxT300 marine gearboxT300/1 marine gearboxHC400 marine gearboxHCD400A marine gearboxHCT400A marine gearboxHCT400A/1 marine gearboxHC600A marine gearboxHCD600A marine gearboxHCT600A marine gearboxHCT600A/1 marine gearboxHCD800 marine gearboxHCT800 marine gearboxHCT800/1 marine gearboxHCT800/2 marine gearboxHCT800/3 marine gearboxHC900 marine gearboxHC1000 marine gearboxHCD1000 marine gearboxHCT1100 marine gearboxHC1200 marine gearboxHC1200/1 marine gearboxHCT1200 marine gearboxHC1250 marine gearboxHCT1400 marine gearboxHCK150 marine gearboxhck1200 marine gearboxHCDS1200 marine gearboxHC701 marine gearboxHC027 marine gearboxHC038A marine gearboxHC35 marine gearboxHC65 marine gearboxMV100A marine gearboxHCV120 marine gearboxHCQ138 marine gearboxHC200 marine gearboxHC201 marine gearboxHCV230 marine gearboxHCQ300 marine gearboxHCA300 marine gearboxHCA301 marine gearboxHCV400 marine gearboxHCQ401 marine gearboxHCQ501 marine gearboxHCQ502 marine gearboxHCQ700 marine gearboxHCQ1000 marine gearboxHCQ1400 marine gearboxHCQH1600 marine gearboxHYDRAULIC CLUTCH ModelHCL30SHCL30FHCL100SHCL100FHCL250SHCL320SHCL320FHCL600SHCL600FHCT800GCS320GCS350GCS390GCS410GCS450GCS490GCS540GCS590GCST33GCS660GCST44GCS700BGCST66GCS760GCS880GWC28.30CWL28.30GWC30.32GWL30.32GWC32.35GWL32.35GWC36.39GWL36.39GWC39.41GWL39.41GWC42.45GWL42.45GWC45.49GWL45.49GWC49.54GWL49.54GWC52.59GWL52.59GWC52.62GWL52.62GWC60.66GWL60.66GWC60.74GWL60.74GWC66.75GWL66.75GWC70.76GWL70.76GWC70.85GWL70.85GWC75.90GWL75.90GWC78.88GWL78.88GWC80.95GWL80.95GWC85.100GWL85.100GWS28.30GWK28.30GWH28.30GWD28.30GWS30.32GWK30.32GWH30.32GWD30.32GWS32.35GWK32.35GWH32.35GWD32.35GWS36.39GWK36.39GWH36.39GWD36.39GWS39.41GWK39.41GWH39.41GWD39.41GWS42.45GWK42.45GWH42.45GWD42.45GWS45.49GWK45.49GWH45.49GWD45.49GWS49.54GWK49.54GWH49.54GWD49.54GWS52.59GWK52.59GWH52.59GWD52.59GWS60.66GWK60.66

Competitive price!!! 135 medium and small marine gearbox

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